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As days shorten and temperatures begin to cool, many insects including cluster flies, Asian lady beetles, and boxelder bugs look for warmer places to overwinter. Unfortunately these warmer places are usually inside your home or building.

Keep these fall invaders from entering your structure. Make sure windows and doors fit tight and replace or repair screens. Seal other openings around the foundation, pipes, wires, and chimney. Keep siding, eaves, and soffits in good condition.

Use an insecticide to treat areas of the structure where insects commonly gather. Apply insecticides before pests begin entering your building. Insecticide barriers along with exclusion tactics can yield excellent insect control.

Remove and discard excessive pests that may have gotten inside your building’s attic, basement, crawlspace, or wall cavity. They can attract other types of pests and create more problems.

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Flea season is upon us. Flea control is best achieved with simultaneous, coordinated efforts involving sanitation, pet treatments, and premise treatments (both indoors and outdoors). Take action to help prevent flea infestation:
• Trim lawns and weeds to create a less habitable environment for fleas.
• Restrain cats and dogs so that they can't roam freely in heavily infested areas or contact other infested animals.
• Discourage nesting or roosting birds and other mammals on or near the premises.
• Screen or seal vents, chimneys, crevices, etc., where rats, mice, squirrels, or other rodents may enter the premises.
• Regularly wash or destroy pet bedding and groom pets.
• Vacuum indoors, and dispose of vacuum bags or contents in an outdoor trash receptacle.

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Spring is Termite Swarmer season. Shortly after a warm, spring rain, termite (swarmers) emerge from the ground and holes in wood to take flight and start a new colony far away from their original colony.
Termites cause nearly $5 billion dollars in damage to homes in the U.S. every year. They are very complex, hard to detect, and difficult to eliminate. Since termites can cause extensive damage to a home and can go unnoticed for many years, I highly recommend seeking the help from a professional. Pest Management Professionals have specific training, equipment and access to products that are specifically designed to eliminate the entire colony and protect the home for years to come.
What else could be eating my home? Iowa is also home to other wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants and powder post beetles. Treatment methods vary by pest, so be sure to understand which one you are dealing with in your home.

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