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Don’t leave your garden hose running a sprinkler all day to waste water and scorch the lawn.  Let your automatic Toro sprinkler system apply the correct amount of water at the correct time of the day.  We have a solution for any lawn irrigation need.  Experienced in all sizes and types of systems.  We install and service all systems: from golf courses and athletic complexes down to your homes’ yard.


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Basic Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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  • New system design and installation
    •    – Proper sprinkler selection – spray head, rotor head, dripline
    •    – Plan for future landscaping, planting, and/or additions
    •    – Head spacing for efficient water use and prevent dry spots
  • Spring startup and adjustment
  • Winterization/shut-down
  • System repairs, replacements, and upgrades
    •    – Adjusting all Sprinkler heads for proper coverage, as well as adjust to minimize overspray
    •    – Adjust arc and distance on rotor heads
    •    – Check proper height of sprinkler heads
    •    – Clean material from any clogged nozzles
    •    – Clear and clean any debris from pop-up filters
    •    – Inspect spray heads for leaky seals
    •    – Mark broken sprinkler heads needing further care
    •    – Inspect Irrigation main line and lateral lines for leaks
    •    – Check station control valves for proper operation
    •    – Make sure valves are closing properly
    •    – Check rain sensor for proper operation
    •    – Inspect sprinkler system for proper water pressure
    •    – Test valve wiring from controller
    •    – Provide watering schedule based on current restrictions
    •    – Program Irrigation control
  • Mark/flag heads
  • Hydraulic and golf course system experience



Is your system running as efficient as possible?  Trust Green Valley Pest Control & Lawn Care to perform a system checkup and efficiency analysis.  Improper coverage of your sprinkler irrigation system can often times be a result of the evolution of your landscape. Plants continue to grow, but your irrigation system remains the same. This doesn’t mean that you need to completely redesign your sprinkler irrigation system – often times a thorough adjustment will take care of these issues.

Experienced with all major irrigation manufacturers including Toro, Irritrol, Rain Bird, and Hunter.




We specialize in Toro brand products.  Ask about Toro’s extended product warranty. Toro controllers are programmable for multiple schedules, start times, runtimes, and zones.

Say goodbye to the hassle, uneven watering, and overwatering from running hoses.  Say hello to a new Toro underground sprinkler system by Green Valley Pest Control & Lawn Care.